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2016 Wholesale
"In Season" Juices

F.O.B. - Forestville, New York
Call for prices

Concord       Catawba       Niagara  
Fredonia       Delaware       Diamond  
Rougeon       Steuben SOLD OUT     Aurora  
DeChaunac       Isabella       Edelweiss  
Baco       Brianna       Le Crescent  
Ives SOLD OUT     Elvira       Chardonel  
Noiret SOLD OUT     Peach       Seyval Blanc SOLD OUT
Foch       Plum       Vidal  
Leon Millot       Cherry       Cayuga White SOLD OUT
Frontenac       Blueberry       Vignoles  
Chambourcin       Blackberry       Traminette  
Chancellor       Red Rasp.       Chardonnay  
Corot Noir       Strawberry       Muscat SOLD OUT
Marquette       Cranberry       Frontenac Gris  
Merlot       Rhubarb       Riesling  
Cabernet Sauv.       Pear       Geisenheim  
Gewurztraminer       Apple       Pinot Gris  

All grape juices will be 21 brix. Fruit and berry juice sugars will vary.

Add 50 cents Per Gallon for Less Than 550 Gallons of Any One Variety.
Add Storage Fee of 5 cents Per Gallon Per Month for Juices Delivered After December 31,2015.

We require full payment prior to shipment in buyer's truck.
We require full payment upon delivery when we provide trucking.

Prices Subject to change On Juices Ordered After September 1st, 2015.

All reds will be hot pressed, whites and pinks cold pressed.
60 Gal. Plastic Barrels will be $40.00 Each, Refundable Whenever they are Returned, Provided They Are Clean and With Plugs.

We also carry 275 gallon totes. Please call for pricing.
For more information, please call us at (716) 679-1292

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Contact Us:

2860 Route 39
Forestville, N.Y.



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